$700 for a Gorilla permit from the year 2020- Still worth the billion-dollar experience

The just concluded “2ND African Primatological Society Conference” in Entebbe once again highlighted the importance of conservation in a changing world where tourism is increasingly playing a vital role.

Most importantly, it comes just weeks after Uganda Wild Authority (UWA)- Uganda’s conservation body announced that from the year 2020, a gorilla permit will cost $700. This is a modest rise from the current $600 but still worth all the billion-dollar experience.

Recently, UWA increased the number of gorilla families for tracking from 15 to 17 groups, following the successful habituation of Katwe group in Buhoma and Christmas group in Nkuringo.

Besides the crater Lakes, a group of tourists from New York and the Middle East visiting through www.fahariugandasafaris.com highly commended the conservation efforts especially the safety of handling the gorillas as one of the most surprising thing during their almost two weeks presence in Uganda. Ofcourse these guests were blown away by the Gorilla experience itself- an exercise which remains a most prized item on any Ugandan itinerary http://fahariugandasafaris.com/index.php/5-days-gorilla-lake-bunyonyi/ and Uganda’s lush scenery.

This is what they said on Instagram:

“It was great to see how the Uganda Wildlife Organisation is treating its animals, how organised they were and how the animals were more important than any monetary considerations…I was truly impressed,” said Christine one of the tourists.

All these kudos go to the great men and women in our conservation industry which has ensured that over the years, Gorilla numbers continue to swell and this Gentle Giants remain the single most valuable source of revenue for Uganda’s tourism industry.

It is expected that in a few more years, these numbers will swell even more.

Currently Uganda is home to 54% of the total gorilla world population

The new tariff rates will be applicable for the two parks, Mgahinga and Bwindi where the gorillas are.

The modest increase is still very competitive compared to the nearest competition which is at US Dollars 1,500 per person. A chimpanzee permit costs $150.

These costs will keep demand in check while creating a delicate balance that ensures that travelers do not have to wait for so many years to track gorillas because of over booking. But they should also not be outpriced from experiencing this once in a lifetime activity.

What government needs to do now overall is to improve infrastructure. Our roads especially in the parks remain a big challenge especially during the rainy season which also sometimes falls in-between the peak season.

With these developments, tourism numbers are set to spiral. New accommodation is coming up like Elephant Plains in Queen Elizabeth. The signs are good with new marketing agencies also coming up.

What is a constant is the attractions- a superbly endowed country like no other beaming with opportunity and potential.

$700 for a Gorilla permit from the year 2020- Still worth the billion-dollar experience
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