1-Day Source of River Nile, Sezibwa Falls & Eco Tourism

After a 45 minute drive, branch off to your first stop- the beautiful Ssezibwa Falls. Experience Buganda culture and visit the 100 year old tree. Stop over for a nature walk at Mabira Eco Lodge.

Arrive in Jinja at the Sailing Club for Lunch by the Lake side. You can either go for a continental dish or try our recommended “Fish Special” combination- “Samake wanazzi” (fish in coca-nut soup)- a fresh grilled king sized Tilapia.

Day’s climax: Boat ride to Jinja Sailing Club to Rippon Port to see the exchange point for slavery. In the distance, you will see man-made hills and the point where the Lake enters Kenya & Tanzania is visible.

Head to the Source of the River Nile. Also known as 00 Point, this is where the Mighty Nile begins its more than 4,000 miles journey to the Mediterranean and the actual point where the measurement of this distance begins.

Return to the Gandhi Monument where the ashes of the Indian Great leader Mahatma Ghandi were poured.

Return to Kampala.

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Safari Highlights

This one day sojourn takes you to point 00 on Lake Victoria, the initial source of the longest River in the World. If you like, you will feast on freshly caught Nile Perch while enjoying a cruise on the Nile. Enroute, you will experience some unique local cultures.

Depart for Jinja.

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